"Surprisingly, I can remember the beginning of my story quite clearly, although I was only seven years old at the time. We were on a skiing holiday with a family of friends. With a total of four boys, getting ready every morning was probably a relatively nerve-wracking affair in itself, but on this day it was different again. While tying my snowboard boots, I suddenly couldn't move my hand. It felt like it had fallen asleep. Later that day, when the corners of my mouth started to droop, my mother, who works in the health sector, was alarmed.


Diagnosis after two weeks
The following weeks then became a blur. Only isolated moments remain to this day, such as when a sample was taken from my spinal cord, or how it was initially suspected that an undetected tick bite was the trigger of the symptoms. Within about two weeks, the diagnosis was confirmed and we met Nadia Khan for the first time in the Children's Hospital in Zurich - I can still remember this encounter well today.

Scars and a mild needle phobia
If I am honest, today as an adult I am left with two things above all: a slight needle phobia and the certainty that the treatment and care I received at the Moyamoya Centre enabled me to lead a normal life. To this day, only the scars that can be seen on closer inspection are reminders of the procedures. I was able to pursue a completely normal school career under completely normal circumstances - I completed my Matura and then a degree at the University of Zurich. And I am also very active in my free time, I am a member of the squash club and play the guitar. In short, none of the initial worries have stuck with me and I can enjoy my life to the full.

Big challenge for the parents
This time was very stressful for my parents. They were always by my side during the hospital stays for the two major vascular operations performed by Prof. Yonekawa and Prof. Nadia Khan. The uncertainty of how the disease would develop, what disabilities or impairments would remain, caused them great concern. But they always felt very well informed and accompanied by the medical team. However, one uncertainty remained with them for many years. In the meantime - after 20 years - they are relaxed and very happy about the positive outcome.