Personal Experiences: our patients and their relatives tell their stories

Touching Testimonials

Aylin, Pia and Roman tell us how they themselves and close family members experienced the time with Moyamoya. How the examinations and hospital stay affected them individually with feelings of fear and hope? Their stories are real life experiences - and have found a happy ending thanks to the Moyamoya Center.

«I got my life back»

Aylin is eight years old when she suddenly gets a severe headache during a gymnastics class, feels dizziness and sees everything blurred. Diagnosis: Moyamoya.

Aylin's Story

«I will never forget this moment»

Pia's 7-year-old brother Tobias is diagnosed with moyamoya. A heavy blow for the whole family.

Pia's und Tobias's Story

«While tying on my snowboard shoes, I couldn't move my hand»

Roman remembers very clearly the moment when symptoms of moyamoya first appeared in him. Today, he enjoys his life to the fullest.

Roman's Story