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Important Information at a Glance

Several questions may arise before your child's hospital stay. Here are the important informations for your preparation.

Hospital Admission and Discharge

The decision for admission and treatment in the children's hospital is made directly by Prof. Dr. Nadia Khan. The moyamoya secretariat is responsible for hospital planning and organization.

During your hospital stay a team of doctors and nurses will take care of you, explain to you the examination schedule and course of treatment step by step.

One of the parents may stay with their child in the same room at all times.

Contact our service point regarding all questions pertaining to information and booking of additional parents room in the nearby parents home of our hospital.

Our team of doctors and nurses will prepare your hospital admission, which is usually around 10 am as well as the hospital discharge, which is latest by 11 am, together with you.

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International Patients

The secretariat will be happy to assist you in obtaining the following documents on request: visa application, cost guarantee, certificate for the necessary stay of the child and the parents, confirmation of hospitalization as well as other necessary certificates.

Language Interpreter
If necessary, interpreters can be involved in all doctor-parent discussions. This service is free of charge.

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Kinderspital Services

As the Moyamoya Center is part of the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich, you will benefit from a well-developed infrastructure and valuable services that are specifically geared towards children. From overnight stays for parents to hospital clowns to hospital school or social counselling, your child and you will be optimally supported during your hospital stay.

You can find further documents on all topics on the website of the Kinderspital Zurich/Children's Hospital Zurich.

Kinderspital Zürich.


We have published two children's books whereby we introduce your child to Moyamoya and explain the disease to them in a simple way. You can order both books in German or English by e-mail.

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Moyamoya Support Group

The Moyamoya Support Group was founded to network families of Moyamoya patients and thereby strengthen them. This group meets once a year to exchange experiences. If you are interested, we would be happy to add you to our e-mail distribution list. Sign up at office@moyamoya-center.com.